Frank Czuri has a varied musical history starting at the age of 10.  Inspired
by the Biggest Show of Stars Fall Edition, he was left with a burning desire to sing and
perform R&B.  Frank started  with grade school friends including Bob McKeag and Jeff
Bobula in Penn Hills doing Rhythm and Blues of the 50’s and early 60’s made popular
by dj Porky Chedwick, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. This group in various
incarnations  played local dances, parties, and at the tender ages of 12 and 13,
won a talent contest at an East End Shopping Center.
Frank was asked to join the IGNITERS which at a high point consisted of him,
Bob McKeag on guitar and vocals, Jeff Bobula on Hammond organ, guitar, and vocals,
Joe Santavicca on bass, and Bill Flowers, then Jackie Kier on drums. 
This group literally stole the Penn Hills Variety Club Show , receiving a standing
ovation and became well known throughout the Pittsburgh area playing the Varsity House and other teenage and adult nightclubs, along with fraternity parties throughout the Tri-State.  In 2010, Frank received the PHAME (Penn Hills Arts, Music, and Entertainment) award; quite a switch from being the first student suspended from Penn Hills High School for long hair (which barely touched his ears.)
The enlistment of members in the Service changed the IGNITERS to Frank, Jeff Bobula, Gary Gentile, Ron “Byrd” Foster, and Bob Breide.  Their first nationally released record came with this group on Atlantic Records, who changed their name to JIMMY MACK and the MUSIC FACTORY (rumored to be the 1st "white R&R" artists signed to Atlantic after the Young Rascals)  consisting of “Baby I Love You” and “The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game” with Frank leading both sides. It received East Coast and Mid-west airplay and warranted a second Atlantic release a year later under the name FRIENDS with 2 original songs “Gonna Try to Work It Out” an ensemble composition with harmony vocals by Frank vocals and electric piano), Bob McKeag (vocals, guitar and bass) and Ron Foster (vocals and drums), and Fred Delu (keyboards) backed with “So Long Mama”, a McKeag-led original.
After several member changes, the group disbanded , and Frank went to join the
top-40 rock band HOLLYWOOD, when the JAGGERZ’ Donnie Iris asked him to join them
in the wake of their number one hit "The Rapper." The legendary Joe Rock was managing them at the time. Two albums, one with Wolfman  Jack and the pop-oriented "Come Again", along with several singles were released during the four –year period that Frank worked with them. 
He was then gratefully lured to join the Pittsburgh – based DIAMOND REO. They went
on to have a Top 40 hit on Big Tree records covering Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar”
with Bob McKeag on lead vocals, appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand playing
their hit plus an original song "Movin' On."  This group toured extensively throughout the US opening for such Rock and Roll heavies as KISS, AEROSMITH, TED NUGENT,
XTC among others.  Diamond Reo continued to write original material and
perform RnB covers like “Carol”, “Mona”, and “Route 66” evolving into a powerful
hard rock quartet consisting of Frank on vocals, Warren King guitar, Norm Nardini bass,
and Rob Johns drums. They recorded the  Adrian Barber produced,  legendary
“Dirty Diamonds” (recently re-released in Europe) on Buddah, acclaimed by British Fan
Magazines as “the best Heavy Metal LP to escape  the U.S. in years.” Again they toured,
released another original LP “Rough Cuts” a grunge precursor. Discouraged by lack of
big time success they eventually broke up.

That summer Warren "Kingfish" King, with several original songs under his belt,
most co-written with Cathi Cappiola aka Catt Berlin, approached Frank and the SILENCERS were born including Ron “Byrd” Foster (drums) who was lured from RoyBuchanan, DT Tacos (keyboards), and Mike Pella (bass.)  With Tom Cossie aexecutive producer for his CBS-affiliate Precision Records, they recorded “Rock and Roll Enforcers” produced by Bob Clearmountain who later worked his magic with the STONES, BOWIE, and SPRINGSTEIN, among others. This release yielded “ Shiver and Shake” which charted nationally in the low 80’s and was acclaimed to be one of the all-time 10 best local artist’s recordings by Pittsburgh Magazine. The group became video pioneers** with the TPC produced montage “Peter Gunn Theme”, the Czuri penned “Remote Control”, and “Illegal” receiving heavy rotation on MTV.  Once again extensive touring began and the SILENCERS were the opening act foroHALL and OATS, ACDC, HEART, and FOREIGNER, to name a few. Their legendary liveshows always consisted of original material as well as classic RnB covers such as “Shake a Tail Feather”, “Agent Double-O Soul”, “Cold Sweat” and “Stranded in the Jungle.” Their second LP Romanic yielded the Pittsburgh favorite “Sidewalk Romeo” co- written by Frank. The group eventually disbanded  due to differences of direction.
Next, Frank approached PURE GOLD about singing with their group. As a life long fan and performer of vintage RnB, Frank saw a niche for his talent performing the music he grew up loving. The opportunity to meet, talk, and work with such childhood idols as
things full circle...many of the same artists he saw as a child at that Biggest Show of Stars Revue.  He left Pure Gold in 2010.  He also does jingle work and singing on other artist's projects such as Joe Grushecky's Comin' Home CD and Keith Sparbanie's  "29" CD.  He can be seen and heard singing with Pittsburgh's legendary SKYLINERS and the DooWopBig Band.
2003 arrives, and Frank was approached by Bob McKeag to partake in an IGNITERS
reunion. It was held at the Harmar House and drew well over 500 people literally from all
over the USA, promoted through the Internet, email, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette* and word of mouth.  Jack "Butterball Thompson was instrumental in producing the reunion shows!  The group came back together bringing  decades of experience they had gained apart and the results were astounding!  After a third reunion in 2010, they decided to make the IGNITERS a full-time group!  The response to each performance has been incredible and the group continues to grow together as individuals as well as seasoned performers.  Frank is blessed to work with such gifted musicians and singers.  They are tight as can be, yet they are spontaneous, a rare combination indeed!
* Reunion article
**  Silencers on MTV # 39 
JIMMY MACK & MUSIC FACTORY,  Atlantic,  Baby I Love You b/w Hunter,  1968 45 lead vocals and
percussion at 18. and
FRIENDS,  Atlantic,  Gonna Try/So Long Mama,  1969 45
JAGGERZ,  Kama Sutra,  Let’s talk About Love b/w I’ll Never forget You,  1971 45
JAGGERZ,  Buddah,  Ain’t That Sad b/w Let’s Talk About Love,  1972 45
JAGGERZ,  Jaggerz,  The Streaker 1 & 2,  1973 45
JAGGERZ,  Jaggerz,  I Can’t Make It Without You b/w A Certain Girl,  1973 45
JAGGERZ w/ WOLFMAN JACK,  Wooden Nickel,  Through the Past,  1973 LP
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JAGGERZ,  Wooden Nickel,  2+2 b/w Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance,  1974 45
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DIAMOND REO,  Big Tree,  Rock n Roll Till I Die b/w I Ain't Buyin', 1975 45
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DIAMOND REO,  Buddah,  Dirty Diamonds,  1976 LP
DIAMOND REO,  Buddah,  Lover Boy Boys Will Be Boys,  1976 45

All Over you Dirty Diamonds
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SILENCERS,  Precision/CBS,  Shiver and Shake
feature=results_mainb/w Illegal , 1981 45
SILENCERS,  Precision/CBS,  Modern Love
OgzIaVnwXysb/w Remote Control  ,1981 45
SILENCERS,  Precision/CBS,  Romanic,  1982 LP
SILENCERS,  Precision/CBS,  Romanic promo EP,  1982 EP
SILENCERS,  Precision/CBS,  Sidewalk Romeo b/w One of Those Girls  1982 45
PURE GOLD,  Green Dolphin,  Christmas Blues b/w Santa Clause Baby,  1986 45
FRANKIE & CONTENDERS, Decade, Slippin' & Slidin', Live at Decade compilation LP 1987
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IGNITERS,  Igniters 2003 Reunion,  2003  CD
PURE GOLDGreen Dolphin,  Christmas Gift,  2007 CD
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FRANK CZURI -vocals and percussion
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 Varsity House 
IR4 finger poppin time!.
At the 1st reunion
The Igniters make Frank happy!