Sept 19 Penn Twp Festival

Oct 18 Mountaineer

Oct 24 Meadows

Nov 7 Syria Shrine Varsity House Reunion!

March 8 Mountaineer
March 20 PNC 
             Atria's 7-10
April 12  Twin Oaks
The IGNITERS is an iconic Pittsburgh rock and roll group with true roots based in Blues, R&B, Soul, 60'S rock, and original music featuring top-notch musicianship with strong vocals in tight harmony that always delivers.  Performing originally as teenagers, they were known throughout the Tri-State area for their distinctive arrangements of great songs, making each tune their own.  
Later, group members went on to accomplish amazing things (see Collective Bio) and eventually were drawn to reunite in 2003 for the first of four reunion jams which drew a total of nearly 3,000 friends and fans from all over the U.S.  In 2010, the pure fun and success of those reunions led the group to begin playing together as often as possible.  They since have been featured at clubs and events throughout the Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia area. 
The  current group made their debut appearance at the 2011 Pittsburgh Blues Festival where their mix of deep R&B, soul, rocking roots (even gospel) and original material was extremely well received!  Now as in the 60'S, the band ensures that those attending any IGNITER event will have a great time!
To receive email notice of upcoming IGNITER events, please send an email to :
TheIgniters@msn.com with "add me" in the subject line.